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One of the biggest perks of hiring Bella Chic Events Group for your event is knowing that they will take care of the large and small details and put everything together greatly reducing stress, saving time and money. They are there to help troubleshoot difficulties and to make sure that the event goes off without a hitch from production time-lines for the event to booking a venue on time.


You deserve to have an amazing, stress-free planner. The earlier you decide whether to hire a planner, the more value you get for your money. Having an event planner doesn’t need to be considered “optional” or a “luxury”. In most cases it is essential to the success of the event.


Are We a Perfect Fit?


1)  If you love outdoors then we are a perfect match

2)  If you are someone who is fun, who loves life and who is a believer of “leave it to the professionals” then we can work together

3)  If you think outside the box, we do too

4)  You love whimsical, we live by it

5)  If you like to pay it forward, we do too.

6)  We are non-traditional, are you?

7)  We love different traditions, celebrations, fashion and if you do we can really work together.


Reality Check:


• Wedding Planner will be one the most important investment you will have to spend on your wedding that is overlooked all the time. But do you know, 97% of wedding planners and event planners hire a wedding planner on their big day? Sheryl hired a planner on her youngest baby’s shower.


• Wedding is one of 3 most expensive events you will have to spend on your lifetime. Buying a house, having children, then your wedding. Plan it well, do it the proper way - you can never rewind it.


• An average invitation starts from $10 and can cost you up to $55 each.   If you plan to spend less than average, then you have to find a different planner. An invite consist of: allergy alert card, direction, regrets only card, and invitation, return envelope and plus postage and the ink to print it. Some include meal options and maybe more.


• If an officiant will cost you $400 on your 20 minute ceremony, a wedding planner who will be there to help you every step of the way during the entire 12 months of planning is worth way more. We make your wedding day a story to tell to your children and your grand-children.


• A novice is not a professional, nor is an amateur. Wedding planners are serious about  continuous education and keeping abreast of industry standards. They also take familiarization trips, in order to provide the best service. Our years of experience is our best teacher.


Leaving no stone unturned, Bella Chic Events Group will go above and beyond to deliver a flawlessly planned event even down to the most intimate, special moments and personalized details.  With a team of dedicated, passionate, and energetic professionals, they are always on the look-out for cool trends, new talents, locations with soul, and hidden jewels that they can't wait to share with their clients.


Your only job the day of your event and leading up to the day of your event, is to sit back, enjoy and breathe.  You are free to enjoy your event with your loved ones, friends and guests. It takes off a lot of burden from your shoulders helping you host a perfect event. You can host your event with grace and confidence knowing that the team at Bella Chic Events Group will take care of all the details, attend to guests, fix problems and ensure your event is a joyful experience for everyone including you.


As soon as you hire Bella Chic Events Group, you can breathe. You can step back, regroup, focus on the things you know the most about, and get a lot of work done. Because someone else is handling the details of the event itself, you can be more productive on the things you do best. Your time is valuable - how much is it worth? Remember you get what you pay for.


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